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At some point, everyone has taken a taxi, but not many will have experienced a professional chauffeur service. While the goal is the same for both - to pick you up and take you to your destination, there are substantial differences between the two. Below is the difference between a chauffeur service and a taxi.

High-level of service

Taxi drivers’ main task is to get you from A to B as safely and as quickly as possible, so they can be ready for the next job and will pick you up in their own vehicle. A chauffeur on the other hand will still take you from A to B but will do so in a professional manner in a vehicle that reflects their appearance and your requirements.

Professional chauffeurs will also help carry your luggage to and from your destination or departure gate. They’ll also provide you with a friendly meet and greet service. A chauffeur’s attention to detail is second to none and they will be on hand to offer advice that will help you on your journey even after they have dropped you off.

Relevant training

Both taxi drivers and chauffeurs will go through relevant training to make sure that they are competent at driving and have a thorough understanding of the major UK cities and roads. They will both have to provide a basic level of service for their passengers and clients.

Chauffeurs, however, will need training on how to interact with high paying passengers. At PCS Manchester we make sure that all of our drivers have the relevant training to ensure that they provide a high level of service consistently, whether it is at a corporate level or for a wedding for example.

Pride in their work

Now we’re not saying that taxi drivers don’t take pride in their work, but once they have done one job they will move onto the next one. As it is about earning a personal income, they will take any job that comes up. When you use a professional chauffeur, you will receive a level of service that you pay for.

All our chauffeurs here at PCS Manchester take pride in their appearance and the appearance of their vehicle. They are committed to making sure that the passenger is safe and comfortable and has nothing to worry about. When you hire a professional chauffeur, you will have high expectations and we make sure that these expectations are met on each and every journey.

Choice of vehicles

Finally, there is the choice of vehicle. When you order a taxi you don’t always know what type of vehicle will turn up. With a professional chauffeur, you will be picked up and dropped off in comfort and luxury. Our fleet of vehicles ranges from the Mercedes S Class to the Mercedes E Class. We will make sure that the vehicle is right for your personal travel requirements.

To book your next journey get in touch with the team info@pcs-manchester.co.uk or call us directly 0161 883 3870. We will do our best to help you plan your journey and take the stress out of travelling to and from your chosen destination.